Hey there!  I’m Melissa, the designer and owner of Buckstone’s Buckles and Thangs.  I’m a small town girl who is a wife and “mama” to two amazing kiddos and two adorable four legged monsters, Buck and Stoney, who I lovingly named my business after:)  I have an immense love for God, my family and friends, the outdoors, nature, animals, chocolate and creating beautiful things!  I started on this journey a few years ago really quite by accident when a girlfriend and I were taking our kids to a Taylor Swift concert and needed to repair and re-bead an old belt buckle that I wanted to wear that evening.  Before I could even realize what was stirring inside of me, I was hooked and became immersed in the creation of making buckles.  I have always been a crafty girl who is self-taught and very persistent when I set my mind on learning how to do something.  Although my hubby would probably describe those qualities in me as stubborn and a little bit of a control freak, it has and often does serve me well.

My inspirations very often come from my quiet time with God and when I’m in the great outdoors clearing my mind.  I’m a very high energy gal that rarely slows down (I really do think I run in my sleep) so I require decompressing from time to time.  When I started this business it was two- fold and purposeful in what I envisioned big picture.   First and foremost, I wanted to give back and make a positive contribution to the world around me in some way.  Because of that, we give back a portion of the proceeds to charities that are near and dear to us.  I believe that God gives us all gifts and those gifts are to be shared with others to bless them.  I didn’t know what that would look like or how I could make a difference in my little corner of the world but I am thankful for the way in which it has evolved and how I’ve grown in my own faith and strength in the process.

My family is very much a part of my business and I love that they each are in their own way a part of it and what I love to do.  They give me great support and encouragement and are quite patient with me and how I completely throw myself in to projects.   What started out as a corner of a room in the basement as work space, has grown to pretty much the whole house or wherever I decide to land☺  It’s rare that you will not step, sit or get poked by either a needle, bead or something sharp in our home from my little “projects” that seemed to be scattered around the house.  I put my heart and soul in to everything I do and create and I hope it shows.  I’m a perfectionist at heart and take great pride and care in what I produce and put out there.  You will see that in my work and I will not make or sell anything that is not made of the best of quality materials and workmanship.

My style is very simple, country, southern, boho and organic by nature.  My ideas and creations are often fluid and I am known to  just sit down with materials and just let the creative juices flow and see where I am led and what comes out of it. By nature, I am a color outside of the lines kind of girl and that tends to be how I create and learn the best.   I love nature, being in the woods, the lake and the raw materials and the beautiful colors that are a part of it and what brings calmness to my soul.   You will see that in a lot of my work and products that I produce.  My goal is to offer beautiful, one of a kind, quality accessories and apparel that you will love wearing or giving. But, bigger than that, I hope that the love and passion that lives inside of me and what I do is felt whether you’re wearing one of my creations or giving it as a gift.  Thank you for being a part of my journey and I wish you many blessings, purpose, love and adventure in yours!